Free Book Updates for AEJ Book 1 Study Guide

This page gives you access to all of the free bonus features mentioned in the book.

Since there is constant change in the publishing world, I want to keep you up-to-date with this ever-growing library of extra information listed below.  Feel free to save them and share them with anyone that you know.


Chapter 1

12 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If You’re Insecure

Chapter 3

10 Quotes About Vision:

Chapter 4

Tips About Encouraging Others

Chapter 5


Chapter 7

An Interview With Bill Carlson – 1

An Encouragement Journey – Book 1

Chapter 1

Checklist for Worship

Chapter 3

Why Me?

Chapter 4

10 Quotes About Hope

Chapter 7

God Is Optimistic

Chapter 9

7 Benefits Of Being Broken

Chapter 10

How To Gain & Remain In Peace


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