12 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If You’re Insecure

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12 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If You’re Insecure

1. Ο YES  Ο NO   I worry about what people think of me.

2. Ο YES  Ο NO   I have to have the best of everything.

3. Ο YES  Ο NO   I have to win; to be the best.

4. Ο YES  Ο NO  I have tattoos or other body markings or piercings.

5. Ο YES  Ο NO  Other people can talk me into doing things I normally wouldn’t do.

6. Ο YES  Ο NO  I smoke cigarettes or do similar harmful things.

7. Ο YES  Ο NO  I was raised by a single mother; there was no father or male authority figure in my home.

8. Ο YES  Ο NO  I feel that I’m not good enough (job, relationships, etc.). I struggle with self-doubt.

9. Ο YES  Ο NO  I’m afraid of people and other things.

10. Ο YES  Ο NO  I feel smaller than other people, or I try to make other people feel smaller than me.

11. Ο YES  Ο NO  I procrastinate in making a decision because I want to be right.

12. Ο YES  Ο NO  I am shy and cautious around other people.

You are probably insecure if you answered a majority of these questions “YES.” This is not an exhaustive analysis. If there is a likelihood of insecurity, and you desire more self-confidence, I urge you to obtain professional help.

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